Frequently asked questions

How can I tell if my roof is leaking?

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  • The most obvious sign of a leaking roof is seeing water come into your home when it rains. But it’s not always that simple—leaks can exist for a long time before reaching the point where you’ll actually see water coming in.
  • To check for leaks, look for standing water or mold in your attic (or the area nearest your ceiling). These are sure signs that water is getting in where it isn’t supposed to be.
  • Wet spots on the floor can also indicate a leak in the roof, as can a soft or sagging ceiling, damp areas on the ceiling or wall, or brownish rings and water spots.
  • If you find or suspect a leak, it’s best to repair it as soon as possible to minimize or prevent internal damage to the building.

I have a damp spot that keeps appearing on my ceiling, what could it be?

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  • A damp spot is a sign of a potential roof leak. But it’s not always the roof that’s the culprit. Damp spots on your floor, ceiling, or a foundation wall that never seems to dry could signify a cracked or blocked drain tile, for instance.
  • Drain tiles collect ground water from the outside and redirect it away from a building’s foundation. But if the tile is cracked or damaged, water can leech through the concrete foundation to reach your walls and floors.
  • If the problem is caused by damaged or blocked tiles, consider flushing or replacing the damaged section of drain tiles.

How soon can you do an inspection?

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  • Depending on the time of year, we typically book an appointment within 1-2 weeks. Inspections generally take 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the roof. If we are inspecting a strata complex, the inspection can take 1-2 days.

What does a typical Canuck Roofing inspection involve?

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  • We’ll conduct a visual roof and attic inspection, which will require access inside your home in order to get to the attic. This inspection allows us to check the underside of the roof substrate, check for proper ventilation, and ensure ducting is insulated and connected.
  • Our team will conduct a visual inspection of your home with a written report that will identify any possible roofing problems that need to be addressed quickly. The report will include for photos for reference.
  • Canuck Roofing will provide a roofing repair plan for your home, including an annual or semi-annual plan to ensure everything stays in top condition year-round. For more details, please call us at 778.772.1969

What should I expect during roofing work on my property?

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  • Typically, the new material will arrive first and be hoisted onto the roof with a crane truck.
  • There will be piles of old shingles removed and debris around your home during the roofing process, and they may be shockingly large, BUT do not fret! Everything will be cleaned up daily, and when the job is done we’ll leave no trace behind.
  • When an old roof is removed, there will be some debris that enters the attic. We will do our best to keep as much debris from falling inside as we can, and remove what we’re able to. However, it’s impossible to keep 100% of debris from falling into the attic, especially with cedar shake roofing. Because of this, we recommend covering or removing any items stored inside the attic before we begin our work.
  • Our roofers use high-powered nailing guns to ensure all the shingles are fastened properly, and flat head shovels to remove the old shakes/shingles. It will be LOUD for the duration of the project. Sorry!
  • There may be a chance that drywall or lath and plaster can crack during the process. We rarely see this happen. but it is possible from the movement of the house. Unfortunately, we are unable to perform any preventative actions.
  • There will be a bin placed in your driveway for garbage and debris (if applicable). We will notify you before the bin arrives and we will need you to remove your car from the garage—we don’t want you blocked in! We do our very best to ensure every nail is picked up, but we recommend doing a quick scan of the driveway before parking your vehicle in case we missed one.

What are your working hours?

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  • Usually, our roofing contractors work regular hours in Vancouver, BC, from 8 AM to 5 PM. But we sometimes work more extended hours, starting at 7 AM and finishing at 8 PM. Our trade is seasonal and sometime requires longer hours. If this doesn’t work for you, please let us know—especially if it’s an emergency.

What if the weather is not favourable for roofing work?

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  • When we notify you to schedule a start date, please keep in mind that everything is weather dependent. We’d love arriving at every job on the exact date it was scheduled, but unfortunately, we live in a humid climate where snow and rain are abundant. Emergencies may happen, so we will start your project as soon as our schedule and the weather allows us!

What do you need to know before you start a roofing job?

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  • Are there any power outlets on the outside of the house? If not, will you be able to provide power from inside the house during work hours?
  • Are there any particular trees, shrubs or flowers that you need specially protected?
  • Our bin will need to be placed on your driveway; which side would be more suitable for you (if applicable)?
  • The contractors at Canuck Roofing will need all patio furniture, planters, flower baskets, etc. moved away from the house (10 feet, ideally). Will you be able to do this, or will you need assistance?
  • Is there anything we missed which you’d like to go over or feel that we should be made aware of?
  • The work can be very loud and dusty. We recommend keeping you windows and doors closed to avoid any dust/debris from entering your home.

What about warranty and liability?

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  • We carry $5 million liability insurance, which include any open-flame work (i.e. torch-on roofing).
  • We are WCB compliant, with a Gold Star rating
  • We provide 10-20 year labour warranties on all new and re-roofing projects
  • We are BBB A+ certified
  • Call us at 778.772.1969 for more details on our material and service warranties


  • We carry $5 million liability insurance

  • We are WCB compliant

  • 10-20 year labour warranties on all new and re roofing projects

  • We are BBB A+ certified