Cedar Roofing Gallery

Cedar is an evergreen coniferous tree geographically specific to the Pacific North West of North America. The products manufactured from Cedar are valued for their distinct appearance, aroma, great insulation value and its high natural resistance to decay. Cedar is light weight and has great strength. Why choose a cedar roof? Cedar roofing offers great aesthetic appeal with a classic look. Cedar is naturally resistive to moisture and decay. Most cedar shingles include a pressure preservative treatment which protects against rot and decay. Cedar is very resistant to weather elements such as hailstorms and has a high insulation value which is eight times that of concrete. A great eco factor about cedar is it’s a biodegradable resource.

With time, Cedar exposed to the elements, will start to turn a silver-gray colour, which not only becomes an attractive feature, but also helps to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in summer.

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