Metal Roofing Gallery

Metal roofing offers many great benefits. Metal roofing is made of recycled materials and may be the last roof you have to install on your home, making it a great green alternative. Metal roofs are light weight and very energy efficient which can save you money on your heating bill. Metal roofing has next to no maintenance and repairs involved. Metal roofing is also fire resistant and may qualify you for a reduction on your home insurance. Talk to your insurance broker to confirm whether that applies in the area you live.

Metal roofing comes in many different styles and colours. Lots of homeowners like the style of steel standing seam roofs. A standing seam roof is made in long vertical panels which attach together by a standing lip on one side which fits over the top of the next panel. Other metal roof types made from aluminum are often shaped and formed to resemble shingles, slate or tile roofing. The durability, longevity and great aesthetic appeal make metal roofing one of your best choices.

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