Residential Torch-on Roofing Gallery

Torch-on membrane is a roofing material commonly used on buildings with a low sloped or flat roof pitch. The material has a non-woven reinforced polyester reinforcing mat which is coated and impregnated with SBS modified bitumen. The finished cap sheets surface is embedded with ceramic mineral granules to provide U.V. protection. Torch-on SBS membrane is installed using a controlled flame from a torch supplied by propane. Torch-on is generally installed with 2 ply’s. A fireproofing membrane or protection board is installed first then the two ply’s of torch-on can be installed. The first ply of torch-on is smooth on both sides while the second ply’s topside has embedded ceramic mineral granules to provide U.V. protection.

Torch-on SBS roof membranes are very durable and have low maintenance. Finished torch-on has a complete water tight seal and when installed correctly can actually hold water without any issues. Modifications to torch-on such as installing a new skylight are easily done. Torch-on SBS roof membranes can be used for waterproofing your foundation, roof or decks. The durability of torch-on allows you to install decking over the top of finished product.

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