Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer is here and with that comes longer days, warmer temperatures and more time outside in your front or backyard. Instead of spending hours trying to maintain your yard, here are some simple summer landscaping tips.

1. Trim Extra Leaves and Bushes: With the summer comes summer thunderstorms that can easily ignite a spark, so take a few minutes and clip away any dead hanging tree limbs or any vines and shrubbery that is growing along your house.

2. Mow Your Lawn Correctly: If you have a lawnm

ower, make sure your blades are sharpened to ensure that the grass is cut properly. Don’t have a lawnmower? Be sure to tell your landscaper to not cut the grass too short to ensure the long term health of your lawn.

3. Keep Your Plants Watered: As the temperatures heat up, it is important to maximize your watering efficiency. Water your plants first thing in the morning before it gets too hot out. Make sure to water your plants BEFORE they show signs of dehydration.

4. Stay Bug-Free: Many insects begin to creep out in the summer, especially ants. Keep crawly critters away from your home by keeping screens closed and add extra caulking to your door frames and windows.

5. Keep Your Gutters Clean: Eliminating excess debris and leaves from your gutters will help keep not only your roof clean, but your landscape surrounding your home as well.

Summertime is meant to be enjoyed, so follow these basic landscape maintenance tips and enjoy the warmer weather!