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The Canuck Roofing Promise

Who We Are

We are the most organized, giving, and loved roofing company in Burnaby and surrounding areas. We want to be remembered for building a wildly successful brand and foundation that’s had a positive ripple effect on the lives of families around the world by giving them a solid roof over their heads…therefore, a safer place to call HOME.

Our Mission

Hell Yes! - from start to finish we want the entire process to be a Hell Yes!

Our Brand Promise

Reliability, Transparency & Quality Workmanship

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If we say it, we will do it. Period!

100% Transparency

We willingly share all details with our clients so they can make well informed decisions and follow the process to completion.

Outstanding Workmanship

Our team is a caring team. We use quality materials and have the best people working on your homes as if it were their own. We stand behind our work 100% because we know it was done right!

Our X-Factor

Our innovative TRUE PRECISION PROCESS. At Canuck Roofing, we believe the health of a roof is an important part of what makes a house a home, which is why we’ve created The True Precision Process which leverages 4 key processes: Assess, Calculate, Educate, and Safeguard. This process makes us one of the most reputable roofing companies in the lower mainland.

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Canuck Roofing Core Values

Being Upfront - we tell it like it is. PERIOD!

Every job begins with a full inspection, where we determine exactly what your property needs and provide a detailed estimate for the work. Whether your building needs a new torch-on roof or just some repairs, our team of experienced roofers will provide the right roof plan for you and your budget.

Respect Is Earned - Talk is cheap… our actions say it all.

Our team of seasoned experts will provide quality roofing repairs to increase the durability and lifespan of the roof on your building. We’ll help protect your company, products, and tenants from the weather and elements.

Fully Transparent Operations - if we say it we will do it. PERIOD

Every new roof we install for your company includes an optional commercial maintenance plan to help maximize the lifespan (and lifetime value) of your property’s roof. This plan includes complete maintenance for commercial properties to ensure your roof stays in top condition.

We Love Our Work

At Canuck Roofing we take pride in the quality of work our customers receive. We strive to provide the highest standards of roofing in the industry, and hold ourselves accountable to making sure each and every job is completed to perfection.

It's not just roofing, it's peace of mind.

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