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Commercial Roofers

Providing Superior Torch-On and Flat Roof Services For Commercial Buildings

We specialize in new roofing services, repairs, and maintenance for commercial and industrial properties.
Our expert craftsmanship and economical torch-on and flat roofing services will protect your building, increase their value, and help cut down on energy costs. Whether you have a small store front or a large high-rise office, our commercial roofers can provide exactly what you need for your business.

Quality Roofing

We have been offering commercial flat roofing services since 2008, and we stand by our work. Our roofs are built to last and we use the highest quality, most energy-efficient, and sustainable materials possible. By working with us, you can expect to see a reduction in overall energy costs for your building along with superior maintenance services for years to come.

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What’s Torch-On Roofing?

We specialize in torch-on roofing (also known as torch down). This is a durable, affordable, solution that’s widely popular in business and commercial roofing.

We apply layers of polyester and fiberglass reinforced SBS membrane, heating the bottom of the roofing materials using an open, controlled flame so that it adheres securely to your roof.

It’s perfect for flat or low-sloped roofs and provides a completely sealed off, waterproof surface that lasts 25 years on average. Torch-on roofing generally requires minor maintenance and has a granulated surface to resist UV rays.

Torch-On roofing is the perfect solution for large-scale businesses and properties. Torch-on roofs are more weather resistant as opposed to other systems such as tar and gravel.

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Every project site is assessed before our crews start to ensure the work will be completed as safely as possible. Toolbox meetings, Worksafe fall plans, and safety guardrail systems are used on every project to ensure our team is safe.
Our expert craftsmanship and economical torch-on and flat roofing services will protect your building, increase its value, and help cut down on energy costs.


We commit to a routine maintenance schedule that will extend the life of your roof and save you money in the long run. Our long-lasting torch-on roofing gives incredible value for your dollar, providing a long lifespan at a low cost. In addition, we are proud to offer warranties up to 20 years on Labour and Materials.

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What can canuck roofing do for you?

Roof Inspection

Every job begins with a full inspection, where we determine exactly what your property needs and provide a detailed estimate for the work. Whether your building needs a new torch-on roof or just some repairs, our team of experienced roofers will provide the right roof plan for you and your budget.

Roof Repair

Our team of seasoned experts will provide quality roofing repairs to increase the durability and lifespan of the roof on your building. We’ll help protect your company, products and tenants from the weather and elements.

Roof Maintenance

Every new roof we install for your company includes an optional commercial maintenance plan to help maximize the lifespan (and lifetime value) of your property’s roof. This plan includes complete maintenance for commercial properties to ensure your roof stays in top condition.

We Love Our Work

At Canuck Roofing Burnaby we take pride in the quality of work our customers receive. We strive to provide the highest standards of roofing in the industry, and hold ourselves accountable to making sure each and every job is completed to perfection.

It's not just roofing, it's peace of mind.

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