Benefits of Installing a New Roof

learn more about the benefits of installing a new roof for your house in Burnaby

There are several benefits to install a new roof on to your house in Burnaby. Older roofing shingles or roofs may have bacteria, mold, and severe health hazards in it which contribute to contaminating the house environment causing respiratory infections and allergy problems. The house owner can face serious health conditions with no proper medical treatments available in the world. Their precious time and money can get wasted in hospitals for expensive medical care.

A roof is one of the most important parts of the house which protects the interior from wind, snow, dirt, cold, and other potential risks. Furthermore, it maintains heat, make your house safe, offers higher value, and helps to prevent health hazards. New roofing is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly; As heat can leave the older roof easily which makes it difficult to keep the house warm in the colder months leading to an increase in electrical and gas bills. Proper ventilation, structurally sound roofing and sufficient attic installation are all apart of installing a brand new roof for your home.

Benefits of a New Roof

Increase the value of a house:
A new roof makes a house appealing. The value of a house can be increased easily with a new roof. It
helps the sellers to find new buyers easily as most of the buyers check the roof before making any solid investments into the property.

Environment-Friendly Installation:
Our new roofs are made from materials which are environment-friendly. Our environment-friendly roofs make are a great option for those who want to make a difference in the world. In Burnaby, where environment protection is encouraged, residents should consider roofing installation which has a capacity to withstand seasonal changes.

House Safety:
An old roof in a damaged state can collapse or makes parts of the house unstable. Strong winds, heavy rainfall, or snowstorms may force residents to be in an emergency situation. With our structurally sound roofing, we encourage you to protect yourself and your home.

New roofing keeps your house in good shape by serving as a barrier against ice, branches, hail, and debris. A house in poor shape can develop mold or cause leakage. Even the smallest damage to a house roof can cause serious problems.

When do you need to replace your roof?

If you are wondering when your roof needs special attention; Let us disclose some main signs that may point out when you need to consider replacing your roof.

Missing and damaged shingles: When a shingle starts to develop cracks, curls or loses their
granules, then it indicates the old roof needs special protection. The worn-out roof should be replaced with
a new roof.

Widespread strains: Moss damage and algae often cause stains on the roof. The roof may degrade with
time leading to water leakage. If the damage is widespread then install an environmentally friendly roof.

Lights come from the roof: If you can see sunlight from your roof then it may have holes. Immediately contact the contractor to save the house from water damage.

Roof age: If the roof is absorbing water then it has already exceeded its average lifespan. The average lifespan of a roof is between 20-50 years, so instead of waiting that roof get collapse and residents face the stress of emergency replacement, make a better plan of its maintenance on time.

Granules in the gutter: With the passage of time roofs tends to lose its strength by losing its granules.
Granules in the gutter is a sign of roof being torn out. Dark color appearing on different parts of the roof
indicates water leakage.

Preventative Measures to Protect Your Roof

Remove the leaves:  One-story houses or low slope roof allows the residents to pull the dry leaves down with a soft car wash brush. You can also use a special roof cleaning tool known as roof leak rake. But blower is best for dry leaves and wet leaves can be washed off easily with a hose.

Prevent snow damage: Piles of snow buildup on the roof can lead to roof leakage, so snow should be removed immediately after the storm. Never pull off the ice directly, try to use a roof rake tool to dislodge the snow.

Which roof colors are the best match for your house roofing in Burnaby?

House Color Roof Color
Light Grey Green, Grey, Black, Blue, and White
Red Black, Dark Brown, Grey and Green
Beige/Cream Black, Brown, Green, Grey, and Blue
White Perfectly match with any color including Grey,
Brown, Black, Blue, Green, and White
Brown Blue, Brown, Grey, and Green