Skylights and Metal Roofs: The Perfect Pair

Image of skylight installed on a metal roof by Canuck Roofing.

If you’re looking to replace your roofing in Burnaby, there are a few things to consider. Roofs last for decades, so it’s important to get one that will last and is energy efficient. Skylights and metal roofs are two popular options when considering replacing your current roofing system. But how do these two things work together? In this post, we’ll … Read More

Replace Your Skylights and Roof Together?

visual image of sun tunnel skylight

Why should you replace your skylight at the same time you replace your roof? A reroof is an investment of time, money, and resources so you should try to reap as many benefits as you can during your roof replacement. While you may think that replacing your skylights with your roof is just adding time and cost to the job, … Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Install a Skylight in Burnaby?

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Skylights can be a great addition to any home. Through the addition of natural light, you can reap the health benefits of increased Vitamin D levels and minimize the cost of your electric bills. However, when deciding whether or not to install a skylight, it’s important to consider the costs of incorporating one into your home. 4 Factors That Affect … Read More

Do Skylights Add Value to A Home?

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When considering renovating a home, it’s important to note which amenities will add long-term value and which are just for show. Is there a way you can add timeless style and ever-growing value to your home? The answer is yes if done properly. Skylights can be a great addition to any home. They add natural light, reap a variety of … Read More