Do Skylights Add Value to A Home?

learn more about how can skylights add value to your home

When considering renovating a home, it’s important to note which amenities will add long-term value and which are just for show. Is there a way you can add timeless style and ever-growing value to your home? The answer is yes if done properly. Skylights can be a great addition to any home. They add natural light, reap a variety of health benefits, and can even decrease the electric bills. Here’s an in-depth look into how skylights can add value to your home.

3 Main Benefits of Having Skylights To Your Home

1. Health Benefits

One of the huge perks of adding skylights to a home is the chance to let in some natural light. On average, Burnaby has more overcast days than not, making any additional access to light an asset. Skylights can not only brighten your home but your life by providing an array of health benefits. For one, the increase of natural light leads to a boost of Vitamin D. This sun-filled nutrient plays a vital role in keeping your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy and regulates your melatonin levels for an improved night’s sleep. Furthermore, increased exposure to the sun can stabilize your mood and assist in preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). A common occurrence amongst Vancouverites.

2. Energy Saving

The more natural light you have shining through your home equals a lessened need to switch on that lightbulb. Skylights reduce your need for electric lighting, creating a more efficient, eco-friendly household. While reducing the size of your carbon footprint, the electric bill is also considerably cheaper.

In order to save money on heating and cooling costs, choosing the direction that your skylight will face is crucial. Face east for light and warmth in the mornings, and west to reap the afternoon benefits. A south-facing skylight will get the highest rate of sunrays year-round, maximizing the heat gain during the winter. However, this could become uncomfortably hot in the summer months if left uncovered. Therefore, a built-in shade is an asset when it comes to blocking the sunlight during those hotter days.

With that in mind, it’s important to have skylights installed properly and efficiently. A poorly planned skylight can do more harm than good. When choosing to add a skylight, it’s important to take the positioning and design into account. This can be done by the trained professionals at Canuck Roofing, who can evaluate the space and assist in deciding whether a skylight will be a beneficial addition to your home.

3. Interior and Exterior Appeal

Skylights are unique in the way that they add value to the look of a home, from both the inside and out. This can greatly increase the level of attraction to potential buyers while adding physical appeal to any home. The exterior of the home becomes more distinctive and interesting with the modern twist skylights bring. When properly installed, skylights can make the interior feel bigger by adding space and dimension; not to mention the beautiful custom view of the night’s sky.

In order for this to be achieved properly, skylights do need to be architecturally pleasing. As such, a DIY installation is most likely not the way to go. It’s important to have the house properly assessed, to assure that the skylight balances with the natural theme and features of the space. In reaching out to trained professionals, you can gain a realistic insight into whether a skylight will add value to your home.

Bottom Line

Is a skylight right for your home? If you’re looking to add architectural luxury and appeal, while decreasing the cost of your electric bill, a skylight could be the perfect addition to your home.


Canuck Roofing understands the pros and cons when it comes to installing a skylight. With finely tuned experience and top-of-the-line equipment, Canuck Roofing has the power to increase the value of your home, safely and efficiently. No two homes are alike, and the skylights shouldn’t be either. Canuck takes an individualized approach to every project, making them the go-to skylight contractors in Burnaby.