Replace Your Skylights and Roof Together?

visual image of sun tunnel skylight

Why should you replace your skylight at the same time you replace your roof? A reroof is an investment of time, money, and resources so you should try to reap as many benefits as you can during your roof replacement. While you may think that replacing your skylights with your roof is just adding time and cost to the job, it’s ultimately the most efficient way to go. There’s no better time to replace your skylights than when you’re already having work done on your roof. You can save time, money, resources, and have long-lasting results to prevent more renovations down the road.

1. Save Money

First and foremost, the most cost-efficient time to replace your skylights is when you’re also replacing your roof. Since your roofers are already on the job, you eliminate the need to recall their services a second time which would include further labor and installation costs. There’s also the added benefit of your warranty coinciding for both your roof and skylights. This is more convenient as they’ll be warrantable through the same company when replacing simultaneously.

2. Avoid Damage

Replacing a roof is extensive: it requires a lot of time, expertise, and attention to detail. When replacing your roof with installed skylights, it’s possible that the integrity of the skylight could be compromised. The flashing, which prevents leaks by repelling moisture from the area, could be damaged when the old roofing material is being removed and replaced. Another risk is that the connections in the framing of the skylight could be weakened if bumped during construction. By replacing both the roof and skylight together, you can ensure proper installation of both and have a skylight personally fitted to your new roof.

3. Seal Failure

Many older skylights need to be replaced after 10-15 years due to seal failure. If a skylight is not properly sealed, it could result in fogging and leaking which require the replacement of the glass and frame. Not only will your roofers need to remove the inefficient skylight, but they’ll also have to replace the roofing around the skylight as well. You can avoid paying for the same roofing materials twice and the additional labour costs, by replacing the roof and skylights together.

4. Upgraded Technology

It’s likely that your original skylights are fixed units or acrylic bubble models, however, there have been many recent advances in skylight technology. By upgrading your skylights, you can reap the benefits that new skylights present such as solar powered venting and premium glass solutions for optimal energy efficiency. These upgrades can save you money in the long run by decreasing your hydro costs. Newer skylights are more functional as they open via remote control and can increase ventilation and bring fresh air into your home. They also have built-in blinds to control the light levels that work remotely.

5. Personalize Your Skylight

With all the advancements newer skylights present, there’s also more opportunity to customize your skylights blinds. You can choose between room darkening blinds to create a dark space at the push of a button, a light filtering blind to diffuse light, or venetian skylight blinds that offer customizable positioning depending on how much light you desire. There are many customizable options that come with newer skylights. The team at Canuck Roofing can walk you through the benefits different blinds and models bring.

6. Tax Credits

There is an array of tax benefits available when you install energy saving technology to your home. As many skylights are solar powered and energy efficient, you could save money long-term or even have part of the installation covered. With the 2021 Greener Homes Grant, your roof renovations could be covered completely.

Next Steps?

Replacing your roof and skylights together has many benefits. Ranging from improved aesthetic and performance to money saving purposes, the most convenient and affordable time to switch out your skylights is during your reroof. You’ll have access to updated skylight technology, money-saving grants, and avoid having to replace one or the other a couple years down the road.

The professionals at Canuck Roofing can provide expert installation of your roof and skylight, to maximize efficiency and decrease costs. With top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience, the team at Canuck Roofing can ensure the proper replacement of your roof and skylights. Request a quote today.