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Burnaby is a bustling and charming seaport city in western Canada. In terms of population, it is considered as the eighth-largest municipality in Canada. It also has the highest population density. The city has many beautiful homes. These homes have pleasing roofs designed by the top companies that enhance the beauty of the houses. Although there are plenty of roof installation and repairers in Burnaby Canuck Roofing provides the best commercial and residential roofing.

Which roofing is better for you?

Commercial roofing is a little challenging to do. A company must have a team that has knowledge and skills related to the ventilation pipes, cooling pipes, etc. Also, it needs to be replaced entirely in case of any damage to a large area. Residential roofing is not so complicated. It is much easier to install in comparison to commercial roofing. Residential roofing gets damaged due to the weather. If you want a roof that will make your home look better then prefer residential roofing. For just protection, commercial roofing is what your home or business needs.

Why should you choose Canuck Roofing?

Canuck roofing in Canada is a leading company that serves as the top expert in roof repairing as well as in inspection and maintenance. Commercial roofing Burnaby is mainly for big businesses, but homeowners also use it to make their homes safe. Canuck Roofing puts its full effort into making the quality and safe roofs for your home and businesses. It provides a one-stop solution for commercial and residential roofing.

What can you expect from us?

 We take pride and hold ourselves committed to doing what we say. Canuck Roofing has an adept team of experts that are highly energetic to do what is expected. It makes sure to deliver what the customer want. Roofing is an essential part of any home or business. Every homeowner has to ensure the safety of his or her homes to avoid any damage. Moreover, for that, it is essential to have a proper installation of the roof. Whether it’s residential roofing or commercial roofing Burnaby, Canuck Roofing will do it at an affordable cost for you.


As Burnaby is changing with time, homes are also evolving. They are getting smarter, so you must behave smartly too. Even small damage to the roof can lead to a severe incident. Just a call away and we will be there for you to install a new roof and repair the old one.

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