Common Structural Support Problems Roofing Contractors See in Burnaby, BC

Image of residential shingle roof being installed by Canuck Roofing

When you think of a roof, your mind most likely jumps to asphalt shingles, metal sheets, and torch-on roofing. While these are the first line of defence for your roof, this crucial outer layer is not the only hard-working part of your rooftop. The effectiveness of your roofing in Burnaby also lies in the hidden away, structural supports of your home or commercial building. And it’s the structural issues that can lead to the most devastating damage, compromising the integrity of your entire building. To keep you in the know for your next roof inspection, here are 4 of the most common roofing support problems we see:

1. Weak Materials

This is by far the most common cause of structural issues. Roof supports are typically created with wood or steel beams, however, not every beam is created equally. Depending on the type of roof being built, your contractor may need more or less durable beams since both positioning and materials play a factor.

For example, small roofs may be fine with solid sawn beams, whereas larger rooftops may require laminated veneer beams. When it comes to incredibly heavy and wide rooftops, such as those on commercial buildings and larger houses, steel beams may be the optimal choice. Different materials are created to withstand a certain degree of pressure and weight. If this is not accounted for, your annual roof inspection may show signs of structural damage.

Lastly, it’s important to keep weight in mind if you’re switching up your roofing materials. Switching from shingles to cement tiles changes a lot more than just the aesthetic of your roof. Heavier materials require higher degrees of support. Therefore, when our roofing contractors in Burnaby are assessing your reroof, they’ll take the beams and other supports into account.

2. Poor Bracing

While trusses are more commonly used than rafters, some homeowners prefer the creativity rafters allow when designing their rooftop. Therefore, when working with rafter-style rooftops, it’s important to use braces to support the weight of the roof. To help carry the weight of the rafters, braces should always be built against interior walls. However, when installed incorrectly, the rafters will put too much weight on the braces, resulting in a collapse. And once this is done, it’s hard to solve without a large and expensive renovation. To avoid having a crooked, sagging, unstable rooftop, our roofing contractors in Burnaby will be thorough and efficient every step of the way.

3. Harsh Weather

There may be times where your roofing structure suffers from a bout of harsh weather. For example, strong winds can disrupt the roofing materials and blow debris, large branches, and even trees towards your roof. To prevent damage, your roof needs to be built to a high standard, including proper ventilation, structural integrity, and optimal materials. If your roof is weak to begin with, harsh weather could severely damage your roofing system. Ensure your roof is up to par with a quick and easy roof inspection.

4. Weakness Caused by Leaky Roofs

Long-term leaks can seriously disrupt your roofing system. It’s crucial to prepare your roof for long bouts of rain throughout the year, especially in a city as wet as Burnaby. Whether it be animals building nests in the crooks of your roof, long-term damage, or a poorly ventilated attic, continuous soaking of your roof is never good. Eventually, as your roofing system becomes damaged and grows weaker, the supports will pay the price. However, regular roof inspections can nip this problem in the bud and prevent roof leaks all together.

Biannual calls to our roofing contractors in Burnaby will help us spot early signs of damage so we can conduct the necessary repairs. From weakened materials to poor structure, roofing companies such as ours have the solutions to all your rooftop problems! Contact Canuck Roofing today!