Get The Solution For Nine Problems Related To Commercial Roof

learn about solutions for common commercial roofing issues

Roofing problems experienced by commercial building owners and its subsequent solutions always differ from residential roofing applications. Most of the people don’t heed to these differences but it is necessary to discuss them in order to get solutions of commercial roofing problems. A given problem needs a particular solution. Planning is the keystone to avoid many issues faced by commercial building owners. Some basic factors that affect roof service life include design quality installation, maintenance, products, roof use and abuse, and climate of the area.

Common 9 problems and their solutions face by commercial builders are described below. These problems can be avoided and minimized through planning and quality work


Leaking roofs are among the most common problem faced by residents. Most building owners don’t even get a clue of it before it rains. The basic cause of leakage is often poorly installed pitch pans and flashing. Flashing is a waterproof layer of material that prevents leakage at vents, joints, or appliance connections while pitch pans are used as sealants around pipes protruding through a roof.

SOLUTION: leakage can be prevented by locating the defected flashing or pitch pans and repairing them by roofing maintenance service provider.


Poor installation of the roofing system can invite a myriad of problems and issues. The whole destruction from leaks to complete failure is possible when the contractor ignores manufacturers guidelines, necessary procedures, and quality control checks.

SOLUTION: Do planning and proper research before roof installation. Always check the reviews about the roof installation company and all details should be documented.


There are many reasons not to ignore a roof, including financial and safety, but its important to have routine inspections done. Ponding water, pitch pockets that have not been filled or a base flashing that is slipping, are things that can be easily inspected and fixed.

SOLUTION: A proactive maintenance program should begin in the first year of roof installation. If the program is delayed, it will reduce the potential benefits.


The undesirable ponding water is classified as standing for more than 48 hours, although ponding can pose a threat in even shorter time spans. A matter of deep concern in the roofing industry is the fact that a one-inch deep pond weighs 5.2lbs. /square foot. The additional weight of the load may pose a threat to the structural integrity of the building, with a very real possibility of roof collapse in extreme cases.

SOLUTION: look into ways to address proper drainage on the roof by adding roof drains or using tapered roof installation. Also, properly check the flashings, as they can be a means of leaks.


Punctures, scrapes, and large holes can be flourished by foot traffic, wildlife, and storm debris. This kind of damage is developed over the years and can go unnoticed.

SOLUTION: roofing system can be reinforced to accommodate the traffic. Walk pads can be installed to the frequently visited areas of the roof.


Fires falls, and slips are common problems that occur on the roof.

SOLUTION: People should have personal protection equipment such as safety glasses, hard hats, and approved footwear and a copy of the information for all products installed on the roof.


Improper Repairs will ultimately induce more problems.

SOLUTION: Always get services from certified and licensed roofing contractor from the manufacturer to install and repairing of roof.


Shrinkage is the common problem in areas where temperatures frequently soar and plunge, the components of the roofing system may contract and late expand. Shrinkage leads to tearing, cracking, and pulling apart of membranes and key elements like flashing.

SOULTION: frequent inspection of the roofing system results in the detection of of potential problems with shrinkage early on.


These problems are mostly found with BUR roof systems but can also happen in some single-ply systems.

SOULTION: Do your analysis and research before selecting a licensed roofing contractor.

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