How Long Does A Metal Roof Last?

learn how long can your house metal roof last in Vancouver

While metal roofing is not the most conventional of roofing types, it is gaining ground in popularity. After all, even with a more expensive upfront cost and more complicated installation, many home and business owners alike are beginning to come around on how a metal roof can be a good investment, mostly thanks to its longevity.

But how long does a metal roof really last? While it is well-known that a metal roof has the ability to last longer than asphalt shingles or other roofing types, it is often less clear just how long a metal roof can last. In this article, we will go over the average lifespan of a metal roof is, as well as the factors that can affect this longevity.

What is a Metal Roof?

A metal roof is made up of individual metal tiles, most often composed of zinc, steel alloys, and copper.  While metal roofing — particularly copper — has technically been used by humans as a roofing material for thousands of years, it lost popularity sometime around industrialization in favour of less costly materials such as asphalt.


How Long Can a Metal Roof Last?

One of the biggest advantages of a metal roof — aside from its appearance, its environmental friendliness, and its fire resistance — is the fact that it can last for a very long time before having to be replaced. While the average roof of a house will last at most 20 years, the average lifespan of a metal roof is around 50 years — with some roofs lasting over 70 years!


Why Do Metal Roofs Last So Long?

Metal roofs are incredibly durable. While the elements may affect the average roof, metal roofs are incredibly tough and are able to withstand high gusts of wind as well as snow, rain, hail, and just about any other type of inclement weather available.

One of the most common reasons for roofs to need replacing is because they either corrode or crack, most often as a result of poor weather. As metal roofing is virtually resistant to any type of cracking or corrosion, it is much less likely to be affected by the weather, therefore extending its lifespan.

There are still two main factors that will affect the longevity of anyone’s metal roof, though. These are materials and maintenance. Of all the metal roofing materials, copper is the strongest, followed by zinc and steel.

While maintenance will affect the lifespan of any roof, metal included, it should be noted that metal roofing usually requires little if any maintenance. The only maintenance that will likely have to be performed on a metal roof is a periodic inspection that can confirm that everything is still in working order.


Why Aren’t Metal Roofs More Popular?

With all of the above taken into consideration, it would make sense if you find yourself wondering why metal roofs aren’t more popular. We have the answers to this.

The most obvious one is, of course, that metal roofing tends to be more expensive than your average roofing types. With the average mortgage lasting for 20 or 25 years, it may just be that many homeowners do not see the point in investing top dollar in a roof that will be around longer than their mortgage.

Another perhaps less obvious reason is that metal roofs simply aren’t top of mind for many homeowners. Again, they are not a popular roofing type, so it may be that individuals who are building a house or replacing a roof do not even consider the possibility of a metal roof.


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