How Long Does a Torch-On Roof Last?

image of torch-on roof being installed

When deciding on a new roofing system for your residential or commercial property, durability and longevity are most likely at the forefront of your mind. As they should be. Roofs undergo a lot of stress: extreme temperature changes, high winds, hail, rain, and more. Therefore, your roof needs to be able to handle it all.

With so many roofing options available, it’s tough to settle on just one. However, when looking for a roof that is waterproof, strong, and long-lasting, torch-on roofs may be the choice for you. But what exactly is a torch on roof and how long will it last? Keep reading to find out…

What is Torch-On Roofing?

Torch-on roofing, also known as torch-down, is increasing in popularity, especially for commercial buildings. This system is made by applying layers of polyester and fibreglass reinforced with a SBS membrane. These two main base materials are melted together with a torch, forming a thick layer that adheres securely to your roof.

This durable, affordable solution is waterproof, resistant to ultraviolet light, and ideal for BC’s West Coast climate. Torch-on roofing is a popular choice for flat or low-sloping roofs where snow, ice, water, and debris can easily collect and sit for extended amounts of time. Covering the entire roof, it’s the best way to prevent damage to your commercial building. It offers superior weather resistance opposed to other roofing systems such as tar and gravel.

How Long Does Torch-On Roofing Last?

Now for the big question: what is the life-expectancy of a torch-on roof? On average, torch-on roofs last around 25 years. This type of roofing system requires minimal maintenance, however, the better you take care of your roof, the longer it will last. Your roofers can provide a guideline on how often your roof should be maintained, to maximize its longevity. While other roofing systems such as metal or stone can have a longer lifespan, torch-on roofs offer benefits that others don’t.

Why Choose Torch-On?

Since there are many roofing systems out there, it’s important to consider which one is best suited to your needs. Here are some advantages to choosing torch-on roofing:

1. Waterproof

Burnaby is prone to rain; therefore, a waterproof roofing system is a must-have. When living in a wet climate, your roof needs to be as leak-proof as possible to prevent structural damage. A torch-on roof has incredible waterproofing capabilities, thanks to the multilayer system and sealed off edges. While the materials are designed to protect your building, the installation process is greatly important. Faulty installation of a torch-on roof could lead to leaks and damages. So, to prevent premature repairs or replacements, you need to choose a company with the experience and resources to properly install your roof.

2. UV Protection

Prone to high temperatures in the summer, your Burnaby roof needs to protect your building from the heat. Luckily, torch-on roofing systems have UV reflecting capabilities to keep the interior cool. This can save you money on electrical bills and decrease your need for a pricey AC unit.

3. Durable

One of the greatest attributes of a torch-on roofing system is its durability. Due to the tough, multilayer system fused with high temperatures, your roof will be tear and puncture resistant. Its superior strength requires minimal maintenance. So, even if you leave your roof for months on end, you won’t need to worry about damages.

With that said, despite their durability, torch-on roofs still require a checkup from time to time. Proper and regular maintenance can ensure that your roof and building last as long as they should. As with any roofing system, minor maintenance checks go a long way in increasing its lifespan.

4. Skylight Friendly

Who doesn’t love a little natural lighting in their home or workspace? The materials used in torch-on roofing can be easily cut and modified to accommodate a skylight. So, if you’re prone to craving home improvements, torch-on roofs offer versatility and convenience.

What’s Next?

At Canuck Roofing, we specialize in installing, maintaining, and repairing torch-on roofing systems. If you’re looking for the perfect solution for your large-scale business or property, torch-on roofing has you covered. Durable, long-lasting, and weather-proof, it’s the superior choice to protect your building and the people inside it. Reach out today for a free consultation on your new roofing system.