How to Repair your Roof after a Storm

After an unusually warm summer that resulted in wildfires, Burnaby got some much needed rain. Since British Columbia has been in the middle of a drought, this powerful storm managed to wreak havoc all across the city. Many homes were damaged and thousands were left without power. Even if your home managed to remain in good shape, it’s still important to know how to repair your roof after a storm.

Assess the Damage: One of the major things that happens during a big storm, especially when wind is involved, is that trees and power lines come toppling down, often resulting in damage to your property.  If you have broken trees or power lines on or near your home, it’s important to contact your insurance company and your roofer to come out and assess the damage (for power lines call the power company). They’ll provide a full evaluation and will use the correct precautions to repair the damage.

Check your Attic: If you have an attic, it will be important to check your attic for leaks or water damage. If you see any water stains on your ceiling or on the walls, you will either need some roof repair work done or a roof replacement.

Image of attic in residential house

Check the Ground: It’s important to check the ground surrounding your home to look for broken shingles, missing pieces of metal (especially around your chimney) and other signs of broken material that could affect your home.

Check your Roof: It’s important to call a professional roofer to check your roof, especially if there has been significant damage. Your roofer will have the proper equipment to safely evaluate the damage on your roof and will provide the proper repair plan for your home.

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Clean your Gutters: Your gutters are more than likely filled with leaves and other debris left by the storm. It’s important to clean your gutters to help avoid unnecessary leaks or further damage to your roof and home.

As we head into fall and winter in Burnaby, now is the time to make sure your roof is in the best condition possible so it can withstand any sort of unexpected weather that may pass through.