Is Your Roof Waterproof?

image of Canuck roofer installing flashing on flat roof

Are you looking for a roofing system that will prevent leaks, discourage mold growth, and improve the functionality of your building? Well, our team at Canuck Roofing has the solution for you.

Your roof is a hard-working system. It protects you from a variety of harsh elements while also regulating the internal temperature of your building. As the largest part of your building that’s exposed to rain, snow, and hail, you want to be sure it’s able to withstand the onslaught of precipitation.

Roof waterproofing ensures the safety of your structure, prevents damage, and results in a longer-lasting roof. Here’s how what to consider when looking to waterproof your roof:

What is the Design of Your Roof?

The style of your roof affects its susceptibility to leaks. Is your roof sloped? Does it have a low or flat design? While water can naturally run off sloped roofs, low-sloped or flat roofs have a bit of a tougher time getting rid of excess water. Consequently, improper drainage causes water to pool in certain areas. This can weaken your roof and increase your chances of a getting a leak. Of course, there are ways to optimize the drainage of any roof, even a completely flat one. With proper drainage, materials, and installation, you can have a waterproof roof that lasts.

Does Your Roof Have Proper Drainage?

No matter the degree at to which your roof is sloped, you still need proper drainage. Ensure your gutters are correctly installed and functioning properly. This will allow water to flow into the gutters and through the downspout, keeping excess water off your roof. Gutters are prone to clogs so make sure to clean them regularly, especially throughout the fall and winter.

At Canuck Roofing, we use built-in or “box” gutters to improve the drainage of your roof. For example, if you have a cedar shake roof, built-in gutters keep the aesthetic without compromising functionality. These gutters are hidden from sight, placed between the low valleys of your sloped roof.

How’s Your Roof Flashing?

Proper roof flashing is another key component to having a waterproof roof. Flashing is a thin metal material that is installed over the most vulnerable areas of your roof. Places such as where your chimney meets your roof, or around your skylights are areas that require increased water protection. Available in aluminum, copper, and steel, our roofing company can protect the areas that are most susceptible to leaks.

What Roofing Material is Best for Waterproofing?

While different roofing materials offer their own unique advantages, the key to a waterproof roof is proper installation. Is your roof made of asphalt shingles, cedar shake, metal, or torch-on materials? There are different practices you can use to improve the waterproofing of all. However, your ideal roof is dependent on the slope of your roof, the type of climate your roof experiences, and the aesthetic you’re wanting.

1. Torch-On Roofing

This heat welded roofing system is ideal for flat or low-sloped roofs. Many commercial roofs use torch-on roofing due to the durability, quick installation, and minimal maintenance. Furthermore, this type of roofing system is completely sealed off and waterproof. Expert installation will prevent leaks, despite the high or low slope of your roof.

2. Metal Roofing

If you have a metal roof, you’ve got a roof to last the ages. One of the toughest roofing materials available, metal roofs are ultra-durable and resist shrinking, cracking, rotting, and decay. Our roofing company will optimize your metal roof through professional installment of underlays and sealants, to further it’s waterproofing capabilities.

3. Asphalt Fibreglass Shingles

Offering longevity, affordability, and timeless aesthetic, you’ll love the practicality of this roofing system. With proper installation, your asphalt shingle roof is resistant to all sorts of hazards, such as fire, rain, hail, winds, and mold. Proper drainage and sealants will increase the lifespans of your asphalt shingle roof.

4. Cedar Shake Roofing

You’ll love the rustic, traditional look of your cedar shake roof. This material can easily withstand hail and heavy storms, to provide you with a long-term roofing solution. If you’re interested in a cedar shake roof, make sure it’s properly installed with proper underlays and drainage to optimize its waterproofing.


In Need of a Burnaby Roofing Company?

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