Porch Roofing in Burnaby: Time for a Replacement?

Image of glass porch roof and cedar shake

Every roof needs replacing at some point. While there are a variety of roofing options on the market, from shingle and metal to the newer torch on roofing system, all roofs have an expiry date. This includes the roof you may not think of as often: the one protecting your porch. A porch adds great curb appeal to your Burnaby home, giving a wholesome, picturesque look to your property. With that said, in a city as rainy as ours, we need proper roof protection for our porches. And our Burnaby roofers are well equipped to provide thorough roof inspections to verify the integrity of your structure. But if you’re in between roof inspections, here are three signs of roof damage to look out for…

1. Sagging and Leaking

After years of onslaught, from rain and snow to high winds, hail, and extreme heat, your home’s roofing in Burnaby experiences a lot of abuse. As your porch’s roof ages, it may start to show signs of sagging and leaking. Stand back from your porch and look to see if it’s developed a concave shape. If that’s the case, call our Burnaby roofing company to prevent further structural damage.

If you can’t spot sagging externally but want to be thorough with your roof inspection, peek inside your attic to spot signs of leaking. Look for rotting wood, staining, dripping water, mold, and visible sun rays shining through the wood boards. If you notice any of these problems, you’ll likely need a roof repair or replacement.

2. Staining and Bulging

Picture this: you’re sitting on your porch, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, watching the rainfall from the safety of your covered perch, only to notice a large stain developing above you. While this is likely not the cherry on top of an otherwise perfect morning, it’s better spotted sooner than later. Rather than sleep on this problematic sign of a damaged roof, book a roof inspection ASAP. Staining is a sign of a roof leak which can lead to a slew of additional problems.

Furthermore, bulging in your porch’s roof can be a sign of progressed structural damage, likely caused by rotting. If left unattended, this isolated issue could expand to affect your entire roofing system. Remember, the longer you procrastinate having this tended to, the more costly and substantial the repairs become.

3. Shingle Damage

Whatever type of shingle you’re rocking on your rooftop – whether it’s asphalt or cedar shake – regular roof inspections are crucial to maintain the health of your home. Especially in the winter, when the rain is cold, heavy, and leading to the wettest season of all. If you can view your rooftop from a distance, look for missing shingles, buckled or overlapping materials, and curling near the roof’s edge to see if some shingle replacement is needed.

Looking to Prolong the Life of Your Porch’s Roofing in Burnaby?

Remember, it’s also best to catch roofing issues in the early stages. Not only are repairs easier than a full out roof replacement, but they’re also inexpensive and less invasive. To prolong the life of your porch’s roof, here are a few precautionary measures you can take:

  • Clear debris off your roof to keep it clean and functioning
  • Prune surrounding trees regularly
  • Disturb your rooftop to prevent critters from nesting in the nooks and crannies of your rooftop
  • Have small repairs taken care of as soon as you spot them
  • Invest in annual professional roof inspections by one of our experienced contractors

The more time, energy, and care you invest in your roof, the longer it will last. While many homeowners have a “set it and forget it” attitude when it come to their rooftops, this is what leads to costly roof replacements. To keep your porch in picturesque shape or to build an entirely new one, contact Canuck Roofing today. Our team can ensure your porch’s roof is built to last so you can enjoy it year-round!