Restoring vs Replacing: Commercial Roofers Guide to Both

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If you’re a business owner who’s responsible for the upkeep of your commercial building, this article is for you. As many commercial roofs feature a flat or low sloped design, leaking is a big cause for concern. When our team is installing flat roofing solutions such as torch on roofing, our biggest goal is protect vulnerable areas from water damage. Unfortunately, Mother Nature and other factors can contribute to the natural degradation of roofing materials overtime. But the question remains: is restoration or replacement the solution? Let’s jump into it.

What are the dangers of a leaky commercial roof?

Roof leaks can pose many problems for your roofing system. From slip-and-fall accidents and mold growth to damaged equipment, business disruption causing a loss of income, pest infestations, and a lack of structural integrity, leaks can cause serious problems for your business. However, these problems can all be prevented with pre-emptive solutions. Hiring roofing companies for a routine roof inspection can identify any areas of concern before the issue has a chance to escalate into a huge problem.

If your commercial building is already experiencing leaking, you’ll need to call for an immediate roof inspection and repair.

Benefits of restoring your commercial roofing in Burnaby

If you’ve had repair after repair and are now thinking a complete roof replacement is your only option, think again. A roof restoration can be your solution to regaining a waterproof roof. While many roofs make great candidates for restoration, some roofs may be past the point of restoration. For example, if the insulation is completely soaked through, a replacement may be necessary. Here are some benefits to restoring your commercial roofing in Burnaby:

1.     Restoration is less expensive

If a roof can be saved with a few touch ups, you could be saving quite a bit of money while budgeting for a full roof replacement down the road. Depending on the conditions of your roof restoration, this course of action can be half the price of a roof replacement.

2.     Roof lifespan is extended

People are so quick to replace their belongings these days. However, if your commercial roof is a candidate for restoration, you could potentially revert your roof back to watertight warranty status and add many years to its lifetime.

3.     Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Restoration prevents usable roofing materials from ending up in the local landfill. This is better for the environment and is more sustainable as new materials aren’t being manufactured to replace your discarded ones.

4.     Tax Benefits

When you restore your roof, your business could be eligible for some tax savings. Depending on the type of investment you make in your roof, you could qualify for new tax breaks.

5.     Safer environment for your business

A restoration prevents roof failure. Therefore, you’re protecting your business, inventory, equipment, and most importantly, your employees from unsafe circumstances. Additionally, since restorations are less disruptive than a reroof, you won’t lose as much precious company time.

Benefits of replacing your commercial roofing in Burnaby

If your roof degrades to a point where repairs and restorations are no longer a viable option, roof replacements are here to save you. While a complete reroof may feel overwhelming, it does come with upsides, such as:

1.     More eco-friendly roofing options

As the industry continues to evolve, the options for eco-friendly roofing materials are becoming more accessible. Many businesses are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, whether for the benefit of the environment, the tax gains, or the marketing value, making sustainable choices has endless perks. Take torch on roofing for example. This type of waterproof roof provides incredibly durability, meaning it doesn’t need to be replaced as often as other materials. Additionally, torch on roofing is very durable against the elements, including UV rays, strong winds, and heavy rainfall. Adding rigid insulation before applying a new membrane will lead to increased temperature regulation and decreased energy bills. You’ll spend less on heating and cooling which in turn, lowers your business’s carbon emissions.

2.     New Lifespan

When you opt for a roof replacement, you get a brand new lifetime out of your commercial roof. This creates a worry-free mindset for you and your business. With an annual roof inspection, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with a freshly installed roof.

In need of new commercial roofing in Burnaby?

For commercial roofing in Burnaby, Canuck Roofing has you covered. Our team has extensive experience working with residential and commercial roofing systems to ensure your business receives the best. For quality craftmanship, high performing roofing materials, and lifelong reliability, contact our team today for a quote.