Roof Insulation R-Values For Commercial Buildings

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Let’s start from the beginning, R-values for Roof insulation are the ability of a certain material to resist thermal movement. The higher the value, the more insulation the material provides by limiting airflow between outside and inside the building.

Ok but still, why is it so important? Everything evolves with time, so does the roofing industry, it turns out that the R-value is very important for any roofing project these days because higher R-values will allow your roof to retain warm air in during winter and out during summer for example. This is can be vital for your project because increasing thermal resistance can lead to energy saving, a higher R-value will result in less need of power to maintain the temperature of your buildings (lower heating and cooling bills).

Common R-Values

Before we dive into the most common R-values, it is also important to know that R-value is also calculated for more than just insulation purposes. To calculate the R-value of a roof, the contractor will also consider underlayment, membrane, adhesives, and cover boards.

Ok, now we can take a look into the average R-value for the most common materials:
• Spray Polyurethane Foam: 6.6 per inch
• XPS Insulation: 5.0 per inch
• EPS Insulation: 3.85 per inch
• Polyiso: 5.5 per inch

R-Value Requirements

The R-value requirements can vary by location, for example, building codes across the US will have different requirements for roof systems. The minimum R-value is determined by the local jurisdiction, and contractors should always consider it when planning every roofing project. In case of failing to comply with these requirements, it can lead to failing inspections and having to pay again for fixing the issues.

Saving Energy with Roof Reflection

As we have seen above, a high R-value is a way to save on your energy bills, but it’s not the only way! You can also use different options to reduce costs,

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We strongly advise you to search in the market for solid roofing/insulation companies, by choosing the right insulation and roofing for your building, you can save hundreds of dollars every year, by reducing energy bills. You can also reduce maintenance costs with a proper roof system, it can last decades and protect your building inside and out.

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