Why I Love Canuck Roofing

My name is Lori Belancic, and I love Canuck Roofing. This is why…

My home is an almost-100-year-old residential property in North Burnaby, with steep and angled roofs.

When we first bought the house 20 years ago, we had an old cedar shake roof that was soon replaced by asphalt shingle. But the number of vents installed wasn’t enough for the size and style of the roof, and the shingles degraded more quickly than expected—to the point where we were finding shingles in our front yard after recent windstorms.

The Old Roof Needed to Go.

Along with shingles blowing off in high winds, they were curling and, due to improper ventilation, granules were running off the shingles and into the gutters, which would only lead to more problems.

Will at Canuck Roofing is an acquaintance through my Wednesday bowling league (we won’t get into who’s the better bowler). He helped me out a few years ago when high winds had caused shingles to lift on my back dormer, so I was already familiar with his work and he already had an idea what sort of shape my roof was in.In fact, when he patched up the dormer he’d given us some quotes, but said it didn’t have to be immediate. But this year we decided to take care of it before it deteriorated to the point it was a problem, so we called up Will and asked for a re-quote.

Our New Roof: Better Than We Imagined!

Will came through, gave a thorough inspection and a reasonable quote. His team was on the job right away. I was SO impressed with them—they were hard-working and friendly. Will dropped by the morning of the start date, and throughout the three days to check in.

Will even suggested a unique ventilation system be built in about four feet up the roof line from the gutters. It was a bit unorthodox, but it has definitely helped cool off the upstairs of our old house. Will also came up with the idea of solar-powered roof vents in a few key areas, which further help with drawing out the heat. This is great for us, and it should also help extend the life of our new roof.

I would highly recommend Will and his team at Canuck Roofing to anyone who needs work done on their roof. His team did an outstanding job, from starting the project all the way through the final cleanup. We absolutely love our new roof, and the cooler temperatures in our top floor thanks to Will’s innovative ventilation techniques.

We simply couldn’t be happier with the job done by Canuck Roofing. And we think you’ll find the same to be true when they do work for you.