Why You Should Maintain Your Roof In Summer 2020

check out the reason why maintaining your home roof in Vancouver is important

During the rainy season from October- March the rooftops of the houses and buildings were exposed to extreme storms and wet conditions, that probably have caused damage (that can be seen or that can’t be seen). It is best to go for roof maintenance after the end of this stormy season. It will increase the life span and improve the performance of your roof. As in Vancouver summer season is starting, so it is best to inspect your roof and get professionals to help for maintenance. Now you will be wondering, there is plenty of time left before the stormy season. I will do that at the end of the summer. But it is recommended to do roof maintenance in Summer. Wondering why? Here are the reasons:

5 reasons to do roof maintenance in summer:

Fewer Chances of rain and faster maintenance:

Rain can make your work slow and will increase your labor cost. Because workers will have to work cautiously to avoid any slip or internal roof damage. If water is absorbed by the woods in the roof, there will be more chances of damage in the storm and extreme conditions. So, it’s best to start this work in dry season such as summer.

Convenient material delivery:

Before the beginning of the work, roofing materials are transferred in advance to the house and are stored. There will be no chances for the material to get wet on the vehicle in summer and they will be easily stored in any place.

Low cost and fewer delay chances:

Most people start their maintenance work at the end of the summer, at that time the contractors are busy and the prices become high. Also, you have to wait for your material for months. In the mid or start of summer, the prices are less and there are fewer chances of delay.

Early Preparation for Cold Seasons

Sooner you’ve got your roof repaired, better prepared you will be at the time when the temperature begins to drop. The months between summer and winter are just enough for the new roof/ceiling to “stay”, which gives you and your contractor enough time to make repairs as needed. When winter begins, you will just be sitting in your home, warm and comfortable.

Energy efficiency:

If the maintenance is done in the rainy season or slow rain the moisture is soaked up by the insulation. As time goes by, the moisture will start appearing on the interior walls. It also reduces energy efficiency by up to 70% as insulation loses its thermal resistance by getting wet. But all this can be prevented by doing the roof maintenance in the summer season.

Never put off a roof replacement:

The best time for the repair and maintenance is before its need, but if this time period has already passed, then the best time is to do it as soon as you realize the damage. Regardless of the season, weather, temperature, or cost, if you see any damage in your roof, contact Canuck roofing by calling 778.772.1969.

Now after knowing the reasons, you should put your plans aside and immediately contact the experts on www.canuckroofing.ca and start your work immediately.