6 Ways Winter Rain Can Damage Your Home’s Roofing in Burnaby, BC

Image of asphalt shingle roof

We’re not here to demonize rain. We too have enjoyed a cup of coffee by the window, listening to the pitter patter of rain drops against the glass. As peaceful as rainfall can be, when it’s as heavy and consistent as it is in Burnaby, it’s important to consider its effect on your rooftop. If you don’t have your waterproof roof regularly maintained by professionals, you may be facing severe roof damage. Here are 6 ways winter rain can damage your roof:

1. Shingle Damage

Many houses in Burnaby feature shingle roofs. While this is a timeless, durable roofing structure, it does require regular roof inspections to upkeep the integrity of the materials. If your roof is finished with shingles, they’re going to be taking the onslaught of rainfall, especially in the winter months. Over time, your shingles can wear down with heavy rain. This can lead to moisture seeping through the underlayment, affecting the structural integrity of your roofing in Burnaby. To avoid this costly, substantial repair, an annual roof inspection by our team can evaluate the status of your shingles to prevent structural damage.

2. Mold and Decay

It’s a tale as old as time: moisture and the mold. You may be familiar with mold growth in your kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. However, a spot that’s often overlooked when looking for signs of mold growth is the rooftop. If rain collects between the cracks and crevices of your sloped roofing in Burnaby, mold can grow and cause the materials to expand, deteriorate, and develop mildew. This also beckons bugs and other types of debris to collect in your roofing system. With that said, a routine roof inspection can spot these early signs of mold and decay.

3. Clogged Gutters

Your residential roofing in Burnaby needs well-working rain gutters and downspouts for water management. If your gutters are clogged, this water will pool back onto your roofing system since it has nowhere else to go. It can also weigh down your entire drainage system, causing it to eventually pull back from your rooftop and damaging your home’s structure. Cleaning and repairing your gutters when needed can save you a ton of hassle in Burnaby’s rainy seasons.

4. Frozen Water Damage

This form of rain damage is the one we find blindsides homeowners the most. If you don’t know what to look for, this silent, devastating killer can completely ruin your roof. Also known as ice dams, when water is left to sit in the cracks and seams of your roof, cold temperatures can freeze this moisture. This frozen water will expand your roofing materials, hindering their ability to catch and direct additional water. This can lead to a full reroof if not caught in the early stages.

5. Internal Stains

When’s the last time you peeked into your attic? This is a great “DIY” way to spot a leak in your roof as internal water will leave stains on your walls, ceiling, and floors. You may even spot signs of mold growth depending on how progressed the leak is. If you spot signs of internal water damage, professional roofing companies such as ours can trace the leak and provide any necessary repairs.

6. Fire Hazard

This one may surprise you as it’s not often considered when evaluating roof safety. However, if your home’s roofing in Burnaby is leaking, you could be at risk of a residential fire. If you have electric wiring in your attic or ceiling, leaking water could pose a fire threat. As such, if you spot a roof leak, turn off the electricity in your home and call our Burnaby roofing company.

Reserve Your Preventative Roof Inspection

To avoid the plight of expensive, substantial roof repairs, you can book regular roof inspections. A simple maintenance check once or twice a year can ensure your roofing system is in good working condition. It’s also the best way to catch issues in the early stages. To optimize your roof this winter, contact our team at Canuck Roofing. With over 25 years of residential and commercial roofing experience, our roofers are BBB accredited and top rated. Get a free consultation today!