Benefits of Torch-On Roofing

When it comes to choosing the right roof for your home, a lot of factors can come into play including geographic location and the shape of your roof. If you have a flat or low-sloped or steep roof, here are some benefits to having torch-on roofing for your home.

Durability: One main benefit to torch-on roofing is durability. Torch-on roofs can last 25+ years when installed correctly. We recommend yearly maintenance assessments.

Heat Protection: Some lighter coloured torch-on roofs reflect UV rays, which helps to keep your indoor temperatures cool, especially during a heatwave. This will help to save on air conditioning costs as well. In addition there are torch on products which can achieve a LEED credit.

Less Odour: Tar and Gravel roofs can cause quite an odour, often requiring residents to leave their home while the roof is being applied. Torch-on roofs do not require a hot tar kettle on the ground, which means less odour and very rarely will you have to leave your home due to a bad odour.

Waterproof: Torch-on roofs are completely sealed off, making them completely waterproof. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to preventing leaks after a big storm.

Cost Effective: Since torch-on roofs are low maintenance and weather resistant, this makes them a very cost effective option. While the initial investment might be slightly more expensive than traditional shingles, the long-term benefits will lead to cost savings overall.

Easy Modifications: Modifications such as installing a skylight can be easily done to your torch-on roof without much trouble at all.

Additional Installation: In addition to your roof, you can install a torch-on roof membranes to your foundation or decks as well. Since the material is so durable, you can install decking over your finished product without a problem.

Interested in getting torch-on roofing for your home? Check out our torch-on roof gallery or contact us today for a quote.