Winterizing Your Commercial Roof

Winter brings holidays and traditions that many of us look forward to, but for your commercial roof, getting through the harsh winter weather can be rough. The best way to protect your investment is to seek out and follow expert advice on winterizing it. Doing so will not only reduce wear and tear, but it will also help you conserve … Read More

How to Choose the Best Commercial Roofing: Major Options Considered

Commercial roofing and residential roofing can be very different animals. While project types ultimately have the same goals – to prevent water from getting in, to protect the structure, and to optimize heat retention in winter – the differences between homes and commercial buildings mean that very different approaches to roofing may be called for. Commercial roofs are often larger, … Read More

Why I Love Canuck Roofing

My name is Lori Belancic, and I love Canuck Roofing. This is why… My home is an almost-100-year-old residential property in North Burnaby, with steep and angled roofs. When we first bought the house 20 years ago, we had an old cedar shake roof that was soon replaced by asphalt shingle. But the number of vents installed wasn’t enough for … Read More

How to Find a Leak in a Roof and Fix It?

A close look image of a leaking roof

Sometimes you hear it first. Sometimes you see a new stain spreading on your ceiling, and sometimes you feel it land right on your head. No matter how you notice it, the dreaded drip of a leaking roof is always an unpleasant discovery. Aside from being annoying, a roof leak can wreak havoc on your property, and it always needs … Read More

Staying Safe While Working at Heights

Fall prevention is an incredibly important aspect of roofing. Every year, there are 40,000 fall-related accidents in Canada, and at least 30% of fatal injuries on a construction job site are attributed to falls. And while it may seem that all of these falls happened from great heights, unfortunately, people have died falling from heights as low as three meters. … Read More

Guide: The 4 Main Types of Roofing on the West Coast

Is it time to choose a roof for your home? Whether you’re building a brand new home or replacing an old roof, selecting the best type of roof for your house and climate is a big decision, and you’ll want to have all the information you need to make the right choice. There’s a reason “having a roof over your … Read More

5 Questions Every Homeowner Should Ask During a Roofing Inspection

An unexpected leak in your roof is not a surprise to be celebrated. No one likes to be caught off guard. But before you reach for your telephone to call in a repairman, are you prepared with the right questions to ask during your roofing inspection? Preparing for your roofing inspection may seem like a silly idea, but it can … Read More

Six Reasons To Choose Torch-On Roofing For Your Home Or Business

Do you own a building with a flat or gently sloped roof? Is it located in an area that gets a lot of rain? Do you ever wish your building didn’t get quite so warm inside during the hot summer months? When it’s time to get a new roof, you should consider the many benefits of torch-on roofing. Torch-on roofing … Read More

Does Your Roof Need Replacing? Here’s How To Tell

New roofs are a necessary but expensive reality for homeowners and commercial property managers alike. So how can you tell when a roof just needs a few repairs, as opposed to needing to be replaced completely? A lot depends on the type of roof and the type of wear and tear it has taken. If you’re seeing signs that your … Read More

Summer Landscaping Tips

Summer is here and with that comes longer days, warmer temperatures and more time outside in your front or backyard. Instead of spending hours trying to maintain your yard, here are some simple summer landscaping tips. 1. Trim Extra Leaves and Bushes: With the summer comes summer thunderstorms that can easily ignite a spark, so take a few minutes and … Read More