6 Roof Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Some things are just “over our heads.” Like roofs. You always think your roof will keep the elements out, and most of the time it does. But if neglected, the elements will invite themselves in like unwanted guests, and trash your place.

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Yearly roof inspections and maintenance is essential. We recommend having your roof inspected every year. Your roof is one of those things that is out of sight, out of mind. Detecting a potential leak will save you money and headaches. If detected early enough you can get many more years out of your roof.

Hiring The Right Roofing Contractor – The Roofing Quote Process

Well summertime has finally arrived! With long stretches of clear blue skies and sunny days there is no better time to have your roof replaced. In this news article I would like to discuss the process of getting a quote from the right roofing company. What to look for and what you should expect from your potential roofing contractor.

Getting Ready For Winter – Roof Maintenance and Gutter Cleaning

Roof Gutter Cleaning - Getting Ready For Winter

Although it may be hard to believe at times, winter is here! We are very fortunate to be on the west coast in Vancouver B.C. compared to most of Central and Eastern Canada this year. The power outages and destruction caused by ugly winter weather are some things none of us deserve to go through. The good news for us … Read More