Cost to Repair a Leaky Roof in Burnaby?

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A well-working roof is essential to protecting your investment. As one of the most essential parts of any home or commercial building, your roof protects you from rain, snow, wind, and unbearable heat. They also work to keep your home more energy efficient by regulating internal temperatures to fit each season. Roofs work hard year-round and can take quite a beating as a result. As such, proper installation and maintenance is key to ensuring your roof is at its best to protect your building.

But what happens if your roof experiences damage or deterioration overtime, resulting in a leak? Unfortunately, a single leak can cause a great deal of damage throughout your home, from mold and mildew, to decreased structural integrity, it’s crucial to address a leaky roof as soon as possible.

If you’re experiencing issues with your roof, the experts at Canuck Roofing are here to help with your roof leak repair. With years of experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing all types of roofs for residential and commercial buildings, their team of roofing contractors in Burnaby can solve any issue.

What Causes a Leaky Roof?

Roofs are a building’s first line of defence against all sorts of elements: strong winds, hailstorms, heavy rain, etc. As such, they’re built to withstand a great deal of damage while upholding their structure. However, there is a range of potential threats that can cause damage to your roof, resulting in a leak. Missing or damaged shingles, loose seals around chimneys and skylights, flashing leaks, compromised gutters, falling debris, and many more can leave you in need of a roof leak repair.

Signs of a Leaky Roof

Finding a leak in your roof is not always as simple as it may seem. Due to the array of factors that could cause your initial leak, locating the source is not always obvious. Here are a few of the signs you should look for to identify a potential leak in your roof:

1. Water Stains

A water stain can vary from being incredibly obvious to frustratingly subtle. A leaky roof could appear as a large puddle often surrounded by a brown ring on your ceiling. For smaller water stains or ones that occur in tough-to-spot places, check for discolouration, mold, and moisture on the ceiling and walls.

2. Dripping

Any signs of moisture on your walls or ceiling should be thoroughly evaluated. If you notice drips, moisture, or staining on the walls, it’s time to have a roofing contractor take a deeper look. Even if the dripping is occasional, it could be a sign of an ice dam that is melting and freezing intermittently.

3. Roof Damage

While this may be an obvious one, it’s key to preventing further damage to both the interior and exterior of your home or commercial building. Check for signs of roof damage, such as missing shingles, cracks or holes in the roofing material, loose seams around your chimney, or excessive debris in your downspouts. A patchy roof is a sure-fire way to welcome leaks into your space.

4. Exterior Water Spots

If you look at the spot where your building meets your roof, check for signs of moisture. Water spots in this area could be a sign of an issue with the flashing of your roof.

Leaky Roof Repair Cost by Material

The type of roofing material needed to repair your leaky roof will impact the cost. While this will vary between projects, materials such as slate tend to be cheaper than shingles, clay tiles, and wood. The material of the roof affects the complexity of the repair and affects the cost of labor. Materials that are more labor-intensive, such as metal and wood will cost more than slate and composite.

To receive an accurate assessment of your roof repair, consult the team at Canuck Roofing. They believe in fair pricing and quality work to optimize your experience as a valued customer.

Average Cost to Repair a Roof Leak

There are many factors that affect the cost to repair a leaky roof. The materials, labor, time of year, size of repair, etc. will determine a higher or lower overall cost. As fixing a roof leak involves sealing the leak, replacing the roofing material, and lastly resealing the new installment, the larger the affected area, the higher the cost.

On average, roof repairs cost between $350 to $1,500. Should only a couple shingles need replacing, the cost could be as low as $150, however, if you’re needing to repair a damaged solar roof, the average cost could be as high as $3,800. While these are average repair costs, yours could be higher or lower depending on the job. It’s always best to consult a roofing contractor directly to receive an accurate, up-to-date quote.

Roof Leak Repair

If you’re worried that your roof may be leaking, seek professional repairs as soon as you can. The longer you let the leak develop, the more costly the damage will be. At Canuck Roofing, their team of experienced and highly trained roofing contractors can find the source of your leak and provide quick and thorough repairs with little interruption to your daily routine. For a free quote, reach out to Canuck Roofing today, your go-to roofing contractors in Burnaby and Greater Vancouver.